Venturer Scouts offers a challenging mix of activities that appeal to teenage boys and girls – extreme adventure and extreme achievement.
We call it do-it-yourself fun!

Trained Leaders and Assistants volunteer their time to run Venturer Units.
Venturer Scouts can also volunteer as Youth Helpers with Joey Mobs, Cub Packs and Scout Troops.
Venturer activities include weekly meetings where you can make friendships, develop group work experiences and provide leadership opportunities.
Venturer Scouts work alongside adults to get the best out of their program and to design a program that meets their needs including activities like:
  • Adventure activities – abseiling, canyoning, snowboarding, rock climbing, canoeing, SCUBA diving, caving, sailing, hiking, camping, skiing, and bike riding.
  • Explore personal interests– fishing, photography, amateur radio, first aid, surfing the Internet, environment, and cooking
  • Social Activities– ice skating, photo chase, scavenger hunts, ten pin bowling, formal progressive Maccas dinners, movie nights, and mini golf 
  • Getting involved with the community – Clean Up Australia Day, helping out with younger Scouting sections,  assisting with local community events, and bush regeneration of local parks and bushland
  • Venture – the ultimate adventure for a Venturer Scout is to travel interstate or even overseas to a Venture camp with thousands of other Venturer Scouts from around Australia and overseas.